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Niro Spray Dryers

Spray drying process overview fundamentals of spray drying.

There are many spray dryer manufacturers in USA Europe and also countries producing a lot of milk like New Zealand as spray dryers are very much used to produce milk powderBig players are GEA spray dryers NIRO spray dryers Tetra Pak spray dryers SPX anhydro spray dryer.

Niro Type SD200R Sray dryer Benson Industrials.

622 Kgshr Niro Spray Drying Plant Type SD200R commissioned 19961997 by Niro AsPlant Characteristics Atomization is through a rotary atomizer F35 means of heating chamber direct gasfired heater Vibro Fluidizer steamheated air heater product recovery cyclones and bag filter product discharge rotary valves.

Spray dryers are commonly used with milk in the dairy industry and in the chemical industryThese dryers have a conical shape and spray at high pressure through atomizers to dry liquids into powderProminent brands of spray dryer include the Anhydro spray dryer and the Niro spray dryer.

Description GEA Niro s PSD pharmaceutical spray dryer is a flexible modern and easytohandle dryer available with different levels of control systemsIt dries solutions suspensions and emulsions into powdersIt can be used as a laboratory spray dryer for testing and development work Supplier Catalog.

GEA NIRO Rotary Atomiser Spray Dryer126 GEA NIRO Rotary Atomiser Spray DryerGEA NIRO AS – Spray Dryer with Rotary Atomiser FS1 with Sanitary WheelDesigned to dry aqueous feed liquids into a dry powder Disodium Ticarcillin penicillinChamber Size 2500 Diameter x 2000mm Straight SideCone 60 Degrees.

Description SOLDused Niro Spray Dryer Model V with a centrifugal atomizer and mixed flow two fluid nozzle atomizerSingle or two point product dischargeEquiped with a FU11DA spray wheel atomizer and spray nozzle that may be installed to spray up from the coneCounterCoCurrent Mixed Flow Drying.

Used 13 1 GEA Niro spray dryer 13 1 diameter x 9 7 straight x 10 9 deep cone bottom 304 stainless steel construction model F35 Niro centrifugal atomizer driven by 40 HP AC motor with VFD controller Niro Atomizer gas fired hot air make up system component size NP111140 with Maxon burner rated 29.

Folder spray dryer and hot air in countercurrent contact consisting of a disk modelF100 of the NIRO ATOMIZER and combustion chamber in stainless steel 304 5350 mm internal diameter by 8000 mm high.

MANUFACTURER Niro Atomizer CAPACITY 1183 Kgh APPLICATION Milk powder and whey powder production.

Mar 12 2021 Processing Equipment Spray DryersThe capacity of the GEA Production Minor Spray Dryer makes this spray dryer the ideal RD spray dryer for the production of samples in connection with product development and testing as well as for production in small quantitiesNominal main process gas flow 360Water evaporation capacity kgh 5 30.

Niro Atomizer F60 BBE 16 Spray dryerNiro Atomizer F35 BBC 16 Spray dryerNiro Atomizer F35 BCC 16 Spray dryer.

Niro Mobile Minor Stainless Steel Laboratory Spray DryerStainless Steel Chamber Approximately 800 MM Diameter X 620 MM Straight Side With 760 MM Coned BottomRated Capacity 17 KGHour Water EvaporationIncludes Choice Of Niro Centrifugal Atomizer Or 2Liquid Spray NozzlesTop Cover Has A Pneumatic Operated Lift.

Niro spray dryer for milk powder capacities 1.

Used Spray Dryers Niro Spray Dryer Anhydro Spray Dryer.

Niro Spray Nozzles Products Suppliers Engineering360.

Niro Spray Dryers Freeze Dryers Fluid Bed Drying Evaporators Home Contact GEA Family Employment Sitemap 1 2 3 About Niro News Events Library Links Services PDivision Products Technology Niro IncSupplier of spray dryers freeze dryers fluid bed processors granulators evaporators distillation plants powder packaging systems.

NIRO Type WT 28125 Spray Dryer Cap00 Current OfferANHYDRO Spray Dryer Cap427 lbs perhr Asking Price 4950000 6 x 12 DELAVAL Gas Spray Dryer 100HR Asking Price 5775000 Current OfferDRYTEC Liquid Feed Spray Dry Body Asking Price 46200.

Our expertise has been gained over close to a century in which period we have designed and supplied more than 10000 GEA drying plants all over the world and made even more tests for customersA GEA Spray Dryer is individually designed to meet your specific requirementsOur vast pool of knowledge within the field of drying our expertise.

Our vast inventory of used spray dryers comes from a number of respected OEMsOur search filters and notifiers help you get the used spray dryers you needGEA NIRO Rotary Atomiser Spray Dryer BSA.

6870mm diameter Niro 304 Stainless Steel 14301 Spray dryer system with centrifugal atomizer Rated 2900 kghour water Evaporation Dryer manufactured by NIRO chamber 6870mm diameter x 4495mm straight side x approx 4m bottom cone section overall height 104 bar 112329 degrees C rotary lock.

ProductsServices for Niro Lab Spray DryersCompressed air dryers are used to remove water and other contaminants from compressed air.

GEA NIRO Rotary Atomiser Spray Dryer BSA Listing 681496.

Sep 20 2021 Lot 19175835 Spray Dryer Coater Brand Niro Combi Corta Model CCLLab Description Material Stainless Steel Pan material Glass Fluidbeddrier 1x Coater Granulator with pan 2x Capacity 25 Ltr Pan sizes dia140x140mm Capacity 0520 Ltr Conical pan 100400 grams with sprayer With electric heating 44 KW and fan Capacity 200 M3Hr.

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Spray Dryer By Niro Atomizer Incdenmark Model 1 Serial 8047Features All Stainless Steel Food Grade Contact Surfaces Natural Gas Fired WiProduct Category Process Equipment Sub Category Process Dryers Refurbished 1 Niro 728 KGHR Spray Niro 758 Kghr Niro Spray Drying Plant Type Sd250rvfb Commissioned 19961997 By Niro As.

Spray dryer manufactured by GEA Niro model FSD 500NBVF Niro order number 020510500Spay dryer atomizer is a 6 nozzle atomizer installed in the top of the spray dryerNozzle type NVS without valve type SDX3 pressuretemperature rating maximum 120 bar at 100C Nozzle controls type DPSFSD 500 Pressuretemperature rating maximum.

Spray drying is measured by the amount of water evaporatedEvaporation is defined as the difference between inlet and outlet temperature or T in the drying airThe larger the T the greater the capacity of the spray dryer.

Used 13 1 GEA Niro spray dryer 13 1 diameter x 9 7 straight x 10 9 deep cone bottom 304 stainless steel construction model F35 Niro centrifugal atomizer driven by 40 HP AC motor with VFD controller Niro Atomizer gas fired hot air make up system component size NP111140 with Maxon burner rated 29.

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