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Industrial Chiller Zone


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Water Cooled Air Cooled Chiller Industrial Chiller.

100 ton Air Cooled Screw Type Chiller with Heat Recovery100 ton Air Cooled Screw Type Chiller with Heat Recovery unit is developed and manufactured by HStars Guangzhou Refrigerating Equipment Group LtdAir cooled screw chiller is customized by HStars Group with 56 specifications with Heat Recovery Units cooling capacity range from 119kW.

Polythylene and Mild Steel ModelsFilters Heat Exchangers Negative Pressure UnitsAdvantage Engineering Industrial Process Cooling Equipment from Advantage Engineering on Vimeo.

5HP Water Cooler Machine Chillers Water Industrial Chiller Water Cooled Machine Chiller For Plastic Machines Turkey RussiaAddressComprehensive Development Zone Hengli Village Hengli Town Dongguan Guangdong China Mainland Contact person Eva Shu.

How Industrial Chiller Zones Work.

Air Cooled Industrial ChillerSMAC have a cooling capacity range from 96 to 548 TR 338 to 1929 kW in 5060Hz version using environmentally sound R134a refrigerantLinyin Road Development Zone Nantong City Jiangsu Province China.

Apr 01 2010 The process generates chilled water at 44F and supplies cooling coils throughout the plant that maintain room temperatures between 66F and 69F in the production and warehouse areas ideal for chocolate production and for worker comfortCooled areas total 35000 square feet.

ATEX certified – Industrial Process Chiller are designed and constructed for use in explosive atmospheres Zone 1 Zone 2 within the oil and gas marine and petrochemical industriesHow Industrial Chiller Zones Work 45 540 TonsPolythylene and Mild Steel Models.

Industrial Chiller Plastic Crusher Plastic Color Mixer.

ATEX Industrial Water circulating chillerStarsoly Energy proposes different water cooling solutions adapted to different process configurations and devoted for multiple usesOur panel of equipment includes cooling systems conforming with the ATEX zone hazardous areas specifications Zone 1 and Zone 2The design of the cooling systems has.

Aumax export the Watercooled Water Chiller Watercooled Industrial Water ChillerWe have many years of export experience professional presales aftersales service let you rest assured to buy.

Aumax is a famous supplier of Water Cooling Tower Aircooled Water Chiller Watercooled Water Chiller Industrial Water Chiller Mold Temperature Controller Screwcompressor Water Chiller etcWelcome to contact us to know moreNingbo Economic Tech Development Zone Xiaogang Beilun Ningbo.

Cold Shot Chillers offers a variety of watercooled chillers that suit a wide range of industriesWatercooled chillers and water cooling chiller systems absorb heat from process water and transfer it to a separate water source such as a cooling tower river pond etc.

Consult factory for 50HZ operationUnit weight crated for shipmentAircooled units shipped in two unitsBasic field assembly required for Aircooled unitsCapacity 1 R410A 1 TD 31.

For added convenience and increased energy savings Zero Zone Ice Rink Refrigeration Systems can be installed with a heat reclaim systemInstead of wasting heat produced by your industrial refrigeration equipment these systems recover the energy and use it for underslab heat ice pit melt space temperature and humidity controls.

Air Cooled Industrial Chiller.

If you need additional assistance while operating Smardt chillers you are only a phone call away from getting expert advice from our service teamFor emergencies contact USA 18664SMARDT 762738 CAN 18664SMARDT 762738 EMEA 49 7024 7942938.

Industrial Chiller Systems Zero Zone has provided custom chiller systems for a variety of industrial systemsThe chillers are indirect refrigeration systems utilizing glycol or other secondary coolants.

Industrial Chiller Zone How Industrial Chiller Zones Work 45 540 TonsPolythylene and Mild Steel ModelsFilters Heat Exchangers Negative Pressure Units.

Industrial Refrigeration Systems Zero Zone Zero Zone has provided custom chiller systems for a variety of industrial systemsThe chillers are indirect refrigeration systems utilizing glycol or other secondary coolants.

Cooling the Industrial Workplace Plant Engineering.

Which Industrial Chiller Zone.

Industrial Water Chiller ManufacturerThermal Care is a leading manufacturer of water chillers process cooling equipment and systems for applications worldwideAs an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer Thermal Care provides heat transfer equipment for over 50 industries and specializes in meeting the specific needs of our customers by offering.

Jan 11 2018 Industrial RefrigeratorsUltralow Temperature Freezer 80℃~10℃Cryogenic Refrigerator 65℃~10℃Industrial Refrigerator 100℃~30℃Cryogenic Refrigerator 150℃~20℃.

Nov 16 2017 Chillers provide a continuous flow of coolant to the cold side of a process water system at a desired temperature of about 50F 10CThe coolant is then pumped through the process extracting heat out of one area of a facility emachinery process equipment etcas it flows back to the return side of the process water system.

Oct 15 2019 Hazardous classified locations are environments in which there is a potential risk of fire or explosion due to their containment of volatile gases or dustHazardous area classifications are a grouping system that recognizes the risk associated with various volatile materials and determines the appropriate protection measures needed to mitigate.

On board machine portable chillers are units for controlling the temperature of processes they are cooled with water coming from an external cooling system generally an adiabatic cooler.

Our chiller capacity calculator is usually enough to get the estimates you need to begin gathering quotes for the right industrial chiller for your process.

Our DoubleZone AquaFlow Water Chiller provides fast efficient chilling for a variety of applications and features the capability to chill or cookchillWith independent zones and times this machine has the flexibility to meet the needs of any chilling application within a small footprintOur Aquaflow can be used as a continuous chilling.

Reduce chiller efficiency by 10 to 35 and a dirty coil condenser of an air cooled chiller as much as 5 to 15 Chemical cleaning of the inside of the condenser and evaporator heat transfer surfaces can result in a 5 to 10 energy savings – kwton Aircooled chillers are less efficient than watercooled chillers but cost less as well.

ATEX Industrial Water circulating chiller Starsoly.

Selection of certain optional features may change listed specificationsTons capacity at 12000 BTUton per hour 50F LWT 115F condensing temperatureCapacities may be 5 as reserved by the compressor manufacturerCapacity multipliers are 50F 1.

Sep 05 2020 Industrial chiller system be divided to low temperature chiller and normal temperature chiller in the temperature controlThe normal temp is generally controlled within the range of 4 ℃ to 35 ℃The low temperature water chiller is generally controlled in the range of 0 ℃ to 100 ℃.

SIEMENS PLC controller for screw type chillerWeinview touch screen operation panel for screw chillerAir cooled Deep V design aluminum finned copper tube condenserWater cooled shell and tube condenserLow noise easy installation and operation long service life.

Specs Prices for Portable ChillersAre refrigerant systems used to cool fluids to support industrial process cooling applicationsCan be moved between use points as needed and include and internal reservoir and pumping systemAvailable in capacities from to 40 ton and supply process fluid from 20F to 70F.

ATEX Chiller Units are designed and constructed for use in explosive atmospheres Zone 1 Zone 2 within the oil and gas marine and petrochemical industriesAll of our products are manufactured using an ISO 9001 accredited quality management system high quality industry leading components and if required then casing.

The TCX series is the first process cooling chiller range in the United States and is a compact allinone water chiller with an aircooled condenser and integrated hydro moduleThe TCX chillers are specially designed for cooling water or a mixture of water and glycol for a wide range of industrial processes including Food and beverage.

Industrial Water Chiller.

These chillers are suited to any type of hazardous area classification such as Zone 1Division One and Zone 2Division Two which covers most hazardous temperatures gas groups and dust groupsCold Shot Chillers has designed portable chillers for a host of industrial applicationsBuilt using rugged materials with builtin safety.

This North Slope Chiller is an air cooled industrial freeze chiller used for indoor operation to protect materials from extreme humid conditionsThe casters allow for easy transportation or movement with less workThis 13 ton standalone industrial chiller has a capacity of 4000 BTUhr at rated conditions.

Units for hazardous areas zone and zone 2Water chiller with air or water condensationChiller for unfreezing solutions and for low temperatureTemperature control units for diathermic oil.

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