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2 Ton Glycol Chiller

13 Ton Portable Packaged Chillers Air Cooled Water.

1 Cooling tons based on using R407c refrigerant with 12000 BTUHrton with 50F leaving coolant and 95F ambient air2 MCA is Minimum Circuit Amps with standard condenser fan and pump under full load used for minimum wire size requirement3 The remote condenser is only available for use with 230160 main power.

14ton To 2ton Small Chiller 25ton To 60ton Scroll Chiller Water Cooled Industrial Chiller Air Cooled Screw Chiller Water Cooled Screw Chiller Air Cooled Glycol Chiller15ton To 20ton Glycol ChillerScrollPiston 7ton To 500ton Glycol ChillerScrew Compressor Water Cooled Glycol Chiller.

2 Ton Chiller is a refrigeration device using a refrigerant that passes through a refrigeration cycle to achieve cooling within another machineOur 2 Ton Chiller comes along with the evaporator and compressor the precise liquid line solenoid valve moisture indicators filter drier and the efficient thermostatic expansion valve are some other refrigeration components.

2 Ton Glycol Chillers Model Power Supply Chiller Type Leaving Water Temp Price CXVA0024CRS1B 208230V 1 Phase Vertical Chillers Regular Temp 55F LWT 6889.

2 tons 24000 BTUhr 25 Gallon Stainless Steel Reservoir Tank with LidThis Low Temp Model has a leaving fluid temperature range of 20 70 FRated to 0F ambient temperatureStainless Steel 1 HP Centrifugal Pump outputs 30 GPM 30 PSI230 v Single Phase power MCA 21.

6 The process of cooling is called refrigeration which can be measure in tonsA water chiller refrigeration ton is defined as 1 Refrigeration Ton RT 1 Ton 12000 BTUHh 200 Btumin 3025.

Apr 03 2021 Temptek Portable Chiller Model A10Model A10 3 Phase 460 Volts Hz 60 35 Amps Max Oper Press 100 PSI Media Water Glycol Temp 4870 Water Supply Required 20 Gallons 2 HP Pump.

2020 YORK 40 Ton Air Cooled Chiller 460v in Stock NNorth Slope Chillers Portable Deep Freeze Industrial Chiller 1 Ton 12 000 BTUNorth Slope Chillers Portable Freeze Industrial Chiller 12 Ton 6000 BTU.

PLA series aircooled glycol chiller integrates a buffer tank and a largeflow lowtemperature fluid pump for easy installation and useInlet and outlet water bypass valves are equipped to adjust the water pressure as neededThe water tank sight glass allows the water level and water quality to be checked at.

The Freeze industrial chiller line is the perfect solution to any standard process cooling applicationOur process chillers are designed by a team of worldclass engineers and hand built in the United States to ensure the fastest lead times in the industryThis 12 ton horsepower air cooled stand alone chiller is designed for indoor operation.

Features 2 tons 24000 BTUhr 25 Gallon Stainless Steel Reservoir Tank with LidThis Low Temp Model has a leaving fluid temperature range of 20 70 FRated to 0F ambient temperatureStainless Steel 1 HP Centrifugal Pump outputs 30 GPM 30 PSI230 v Single Phase power MCA 21.

Fractional Horse Power Chillers Glycol Chilling Systems GlycolWater Heat Transfer Modular Water Chillers MultiCircuit Water Chillers PortableStationary ChillersWater Cooled Chillers CWNW Series 1.

Frozen Dessert Machine Glycol Chillers DEPENDABILITY RUGGED 2 through 10Ton AirCooled Chillers 14020 Interdrive West Houston Texas 77032 • 2812278400 t • 18004739178 toll free • 2812278404 f www.

Glycol Chiller 2 Ton Single PhaseBrewBuilt™ IceMaster 100 Glycol Chiller with Stainless Bulkheads USED REFURBISHEDKreyer Chilly Max 50 Portable Glycol ChillerHeater 208v 3 Phase 1.

Glycol Chiller 5 Ton Single PhaseKreyer Chilly Max 90 Portable Glycol ChillerHeater 230v Single Phase 3 TonKreyer Chilly Max 90 Portable Glycol ChillerHeater 230v Single Phase 3 TonKreyer Chilly 45 220v Single Phase 1.

Glycol chillers are a significantly cheaper cooling option for most commercial and residential applications than traditional methodsNot only are the upfront installed costs 30 less expensive but long term maintenance and running costs are as much as 30 less tooChillX 2 Ton Horizontal Chiller Specification Sheet CXCA0024CRS1.

Glycol chillers are configured to produce fluid temperatures between 2530F using a mixture of water glycol to prevent the fluid from freezing but can also be adjusted to produce fluid temperatures as low as 20F and as high as 70FAircooled chillers use ambient air to dissipate the heat from the refrigeration system.

May 21 2019 Im looking to take a 2 ton window AC unit and build a glycol recirculating chillerMost AC unit evaporators will not get below sub zero tempsIs there a refrigerant type change or modification that can be made to a 230v 2600watt 2ton window ac to get the evap coil temps lower the colder the better for my needs.

8 ton mag 7 ton mag 6 ton mag 5 ton mag 3 ton mag 2 ton mag fan coils5 ton gfc 4 ton gfc 3 ton gfc 2 ton gfcFan coils glycol fan coils 2 ton.

New USA made 2 hp ton Glycol or water Air Cooled ChillerThis is a USA made chiller with reservoir tank and centrifugal pumpChill and pump your glycol solution down to 28F setpoint 208230 SINGLE phase powerThis unit is equally as fine for a higher fluid temperature for manufacturing and other industrial temperatures.

Our 2 ton chiller will look slightly different with a smaller compressor on top of unitCommercial Glycol Chiller Our Commercial Glycol Chiller line is built on a stainless steel frameIt’s our recommendation to use a 35 – 40 glycol to water mix due to the ease of calculating the mix ratio and the buffer it provides.

Our air cooled stand alone 2 ton horsepower industrial chillers designed for indoor operationCapacity is 25400 BTU’shr at rated conditionsCapacity is 25400 BTU’shr at rated conditionsSet up for ambient temperatures 40 F to 100 F for higher or lower ambient conditions please consult factory.

Our ChillX Single Compressor Vertical Commercial Chillers come in capacities from 210 ton and include all of our premium features by default resulting in the best performance profile in our line.

25ton To 60ton Scroll Chiller HeroTech.

Our XL Glycol Chillers have a 2 part lid the rear section has pass throughs for running 38 or 12 silicone tubing through along with additional ports to run the power cords through for submersible pumps2 Ton 12000 BTUHr 28F 5 Ton 30000 BTUHr 28F 1 Year Product Warranty Proudly made in the USA Financing Available.

Processing Industrial Chillers 2 Ton Water Chiller Price Glycol Water Cooled Chiller for Cooling in Guangdong China.

5 Ton ClosedLoop Water Chiller CH1502APump Horsepower 1 HP Pump Capacity 10 GPM 35 PSI Refrigerant R22 Dielectric Glycol Water Cooling Capacity 20000 BTUhr System Dimensions 22″ x 29″ x 38″H System Weight 450 lbs Electrical Requirements 230V3P.


The BGD2AN4 glycol chiller is a 2 ton single zone complete aircooled central chiller intended for brewing applications and outdoor installation in many climates.

2 Ton Chiller 2 Ton Water Chiller 2 Ton Air Cooled.

The efficient cooling of our 250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller is due to the presence of a highly active and efficient condenserThe magnetic bearing technology in our 250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller provides strength and better operation to itThe R134a refrigerant that flows in our chiller is safe and friendly for the environment.

Industrial Glycol Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier ChinaCooling capacity ranges 2 ton to 150 tonTemperature control ranges 40F to 65CWorldclass efficient scroll compressorChilled glycol flow rate up to 680LPMAircooled watercooled condenserStainless steel brazed plate evaporator.

I run 2 of these 34hp units in my brewery room which houses the brewhouse and 6 fermenters and associated brew junkRoom is roughly 12 x 30 with 9I havent had any issues with heat from the unitsThey throw off some heat but it is negligible in my space.

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